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Helping Those in Difficulty, Worshiping Virtues and Kindness --Great Aim Group Awarded for Special Contributions by Red Cross of ZhuhaiRelease time:

  On the morning of March 30, 2018, the 7th session ofthe 5thcouncil of Zhuhai Red Cross was held at the Archives Centerof Zhuhai, which was presided over by Lv Jianying, the vice chairman of ZhuhaiRed Cross. Xiao Shiming, the executive vice chairman reported the work finishedin 2017 and work plan for 2018 of Zhuhai Red Cross. Great Aim Group was honoredas an advanced organization supporting the collection of donations for the RedCross in 2017 and won an award for special contributions in 2017 from ZhuhaiRed Cross.

The site of the 7th session of the 5th Council of Zhuhai Red Cross

  Under the correct guidance of the CPC Zhuhai municipalcommittee and government, and the great support and assistance of all membersand all walks of life, we actively assisted the government in disaster reliefand rescue, and made gratifying achievements in respects of health care,poverty relief and alleviation, and construction of civilized city。 A lot ofadvanced organizations and individuals came forth to support the undertaking ofRed Cross。

Yan Wu, vice mayor of Zhuhai and chairman of Zhuhai Red Cross (3rd from the right) presents awards

Xue Hong, the vice executive director of Great Aim Group (4th from the left), receives the award on behalf of the Group

  On the meeting, Ma Chunyin, deputy researcher, reported that Zhuhai RedCross received donations of money and materials worth 55.2462 million Yuan intotal from loving people and enterprises from all quarters of the society in2017. Great Aim Group donated 10 million Yuan for clearing and restoring themunicipal roads after the “Columba” typhoon, for which it won an award forspecial contributions from Zhuhai Red Cross in 2017. Though the Group itselfalso suffered a loss in the typhoon, it cared about the society, contributedmoney and strength to the post-disaster construction of Zhuhai, so it washonored as an advanced collective for disaster relief and productionrestoration and reconstruction, and commended by the CPC municipal committeeand government of Zhuhai.

Great Aim Group wins an award for special contributions from Zhuhai Red Cross in 2017

Yan Wu, thevice mayor of Zhuhai and chairman of Zhuhai Red Cross, expressed gratitude forthe strength contributed by each organization and individual to the undertakingof Zhuhai Red Cross。 He said, the work report was filled with numbers, but eachgroup of numbers contained a touching story and filled Zhuhai, a beautifulseaside city with love。 He hoped that in the future, the staff of Red Cross,each loving enterprise and individual would continue to do their best in theconstruction of a civilized and harmonious Zhuhai。

(Text and photo by Gao Shang)

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